Monday, March 16, 2009

The Downfall of Warmer Weather

Perhaps being out in the park yesterday with all the melting snow was not such a smart idea. I could tell last night that something was coming - and come it did. I woke up this morning with someone sitting on my chest (and I don't mean Banjo!). The dreaded spring allergies from snow molds are settled in my lungs this morning. I can hear my mother laughing as she is reading this post. It's a long story but it involves me saying adamantly "I am not going to have allergies like you and grandma!!"'s hard to eat your words...... My sinus' are askew and I have a terrible headache. Oh how I would love to crawl back into bed and sleep away the day. But alas, I can not. I guess I will just take some drugs (prescription of course), suck it up, and get to work - which wouldn't be so bad except that it is technically not to my office that I am going to today. I am out most (if not all - will find out today) of the week sitting in a most uncomfortable chair in a hotel meeting room...while I am looking forward to what I will be learning - I am not looking forward to those chairs! My back is sore just thinking about it!!! :-(
But at least I got a crafting project done earlier in the morning yesterday. A pretty matching card and bag - pinks and browns! Love it! It will be sitting on someone's desk this morning...!!??! A special card and bag for a special someone! I hope she has a terrific week!


Cheryl said...

I love your crafty bag and card....I hope you feel better and the seminars are not too boring this week.

Anonymous said...

Love the bag and card! I feel your back lots of stretches at the breaks!!


katrina lauren said...

I love love love the bag and card...and the dandelion stamp is so lovely! Thanks for the treat...what a nice way to start my week!!
{i hope you feel better soon!}

Anonymous said...

My Precious Child - I would never laugh at you & your inherited allergies. I know when I get back to Canada and home, I too will suffer the agony of allergies from snow mold. After living here in paridise, under the hot Arizona sun, going to the beautiful pool everyday, enjoying the backyard here at our trailer, going to the hot tub with George everynight, not to mention the shopping, the purses, my dark tan, I too know what is in store for me in 3 short weeks. I love you!!!!

Catherine said... I am depressed...I want to be in the heat shopping for purses too. Not in the snow molds of Saskatchewan. I love Saskatchewan but sometimes I do not...Love you too mom! Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

Donna said...

hang in there Catherine and I hope the drugs work for you! Your mom made me a little depressed too but when I am retired {oh when will that be i ask myself?} I hope to be doing the same!

"sunshine in and darkness out"

take care and I like your birthday bag and card you gave to that special someone who's name starts with a K?

Brandi said...

Catherine where did you find the elements with the pink in the middle. Love the bag and card soooo very much. very cool


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