Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hard Day At The Office

After a hard day at the office,
It's great to have someone to come home to,
Share a drink with,
Tell your troubles to,
And know that they will not interrupt you,
Won't tell you "You're being irrational."
Won't say "You think you've had a hard day, let me tell you about mine!"
They just listen,
Without comment,
Without judgement.

Pets....if you don't have one....I highly recommend getting one.

Spring Peeks Through

Yup - I see it!
It's trying to break through
Spring has sprung!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Love is...

Letting your four legged friend bring his
'goobied' up mouse into your bed!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Sound of Music Movie Review

Yesterday was my and Katrina's
Sound of Music Movie Review
at work during lunch hour!
Though we didn't get as many participants as anticipated,
I am sure if everyone would have known we were offering
Apple & Cherry Strudel and Apple Danishes for dessert,
along with giving out some AWESOME prizes
for the top scorers on our movie quiz,
we would have had staff beating down our training room door.....!!!!
Look at us...eating our lunch.....enjoying our snacks....reviewing
some scenes from the movie....fun - fun - fun!!!!
I was told the Deposit Support Department could
hear me singing...I'm glad I could entertain them
while they were downstairs working!
And the winners were.....
Brenda 1st....
Cathy 2nd....
and Katrina 3rd!
Very good ladies! I'm proud of you all!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Wild" City Life

Every once in awhile I forget that I live in a city.......

Tired of the Snow

Just so tired of the snow...

I wish
I had something 'witty' or 'interesting' to talk about today
But I don't
It's pure depression from the snow

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stray Cat Watch - Day 136

Even Barney seemed a bit perplexed at the snowflakes falling all around him.

After having himself a little cry and pout about the whole situation, he came to the conclusion that there was just no fighting "Mother Nature".

Monday, March 23, 2009

Winter Is Back

Ummm... I apologize for complaining about everything being a "dirty brown" in the post below. In no way was I wanting to see it turn a "clean white". But the fresh snow did make for a pretty design on my outside mat!
And that's all I can say that's nice about the snow we have again!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Anticipation of Rain

Anticipation of Rain
Rain is what I am hoping for today
Everything outside is dirty and brown
A beautiful rain would be so welcome
I do not yet feel 'among the living'
But I went for a short walk this morning anyways
I just had to get out for some fresh air
It looks like rain out
It smells like rain out
Predictions are for rain
I hope Mother Nature and the Weather Reporter are correct

Friday, March 20, 2009

Reminder of Why I Hate Sports

I didn't know if I should title this post "Reminder of Why I Hate Sports" or "How to Win Friends and Influenza People". Hmmm....

So, I just got home from the Dr's office. It would appear that while I indeed am suffering from my annual seasonal allergies, I am also carrying around a vicious flu bug. Which, for every single person I came in contact with this week, I send you my deepest apologies. While I tried very hard to cough and sneeze into a kleenex, there was one sneeze in particular that I know most likely had a speed of 100 km per hour and a radius of the entire meeting room (including saturating my two fellow participants on either side of me - if you two don't get the flu - no one should) . Sadly, you can wash your hands all you want but when the 'juices' are flying through the air, besides holding your breath for the rest of the day, there just is not a whole lot you can do. If I had even dreamed it was anything but my allergies, I swear I would not have stepped out my house this entire week. But, what leads me to my post, like the 3rd person that 'strikes out' on a baseball team, it seems to be the 3rd person the team remembers and looks down upon, kicks sand at, beats the crap out of in the locker room - not the 1st nor 2nd striker outers! While it is true that if you are suffering from the flu this weekend and were in contact with me it is probably my fault, please do not think ill of me (oh so sorry for the pun...) for remember, someone passed it on to me 1st....not that THAT information will make you feel any better while you are laying in bed with your bones on fire and a raging fever with severe chills.... :-) My love to everyone!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happiness Is...

Your BFF bringing you a Timmy's Steeped Tea because you have been at home sick for a couple of days and haven't had one in awhile, and your furry four legged friend curled up on the bed with you while you are drinking your Timmy's, blogging, watching Oprah and getting ready for your afternoon snoozy!
{You're right Cheryl...perhaps I am more British than Canadian! Ha ha!}

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quiet Day

These pictures have NOTHING to do with the fact that I have no voice today and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that I couldn't sleep and so was up goofing around on the computer since about 3 am. It will indeed be a quiet day...for everyone... :-)

Monday, March 16, 2009

No Words...

No words...as there is no voice...just had an asthma attack and had to use my inhalers and now I have no voice. Won't the rest of the students tomorrow be so happy!! Good thing I can still type and blog! Yippee!

The Downfall of Warmer Weather

Perhaps being out in the park yesterday with all the melting snow was not such a smart idea. I could tell last night that something was coming - and come it did. I woke up this morning with someone sitting on my chest (and I don't mean Banjo!). The dreaded spring allergies from snow molds are settled in my lungs this morning. I can hear my mother laughing as she is reading this post. It's a long story but it involves me saying adamantly "I am not going to have allergies like you and grandma!!" Hmmm....it's hard to eat your words...... My sinus' are askew and I have a terrible headache. Oh how I would love to crawl back into bed and sleep away the day. But alas, I can not. I guess I will just take some drugs (prescription of course), suck it up, and get to work - which wouldn't be so bad except that it is technically not to my office that I am going to today. I am out most (if not all - will find out today) of the week sitting in a most uncomfortable chair in a hotel meeting room...while I am looking forward to what I will be learning - I am not looking forward to those chairs! My back is sore just thinking about it!!! :-(
But at least I got a crafting project done earlier in the morning yesterday. A pretty matching card and bag - pinks and browns! Love it! It will be sitting on someone's desk this morning...!!??! A special card and bag for a special someone! I hope she has a terrific week!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Most Beautiful Day

It was so beautiful out today
that I decided I would go for a walk with my camera to see if...
ummm...ok...so let me start that again...
It was so beautiful out today
that I decided I would go for a drive (I'm so very lazy)
with my camera to see if there was anything interesting
that I could take pictures of. I drove to a nearby park
(yes...that is correct...DROVE to a NEARBY park...
I admitted I was lazy didn't I???)
and THEN I got out of the car and walked through the park... :-)
At first - everything seemed so brown and ugly.
But I started taking some pictures anyways.
As I kept on going, things started to look a little different.
Perhaps it was because I was walking around in enjoyable puddles
with no jacket on - just a sweatshirt!
The sun was shining so nicely around and through this tree!
As I was taking pictures here, I was imagining that soon
new moms would be sitting on the benches
with their babies in strollers and wee ones
would be climbing on the jungle gym and
children with scooters would be racing down the pathway.
And hopefully soon, families will be able to sit around
this park table, enjoying a refreshment and snack.
All in all I guess it really was a most beautiful day!

Enjoyable Weather

For today's beautiful weather brings hope of spring............

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Lick of Milk

A little lick of milk in a tall glass...
{as milk is actually bad for cats, it's just a wee little lick}

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Day Gone

Thus ends another day
By late afternoon there was a tease of warm air
Perhaps spring really is coming after all...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morning Routine Disrupted

There are so many little (seemingly insignificant) things that you take for granted and you don't realize how disrupted your day can be when you don't have them. My morning ritual of getting up, turning on the computer and making myself a big mug of tea every morning; I love it. And when you are in a hotel, even though you may have a coffee pot and a tea bag, brewing tea this way seems to make it foamy and then there is nothing even to discuss when you like a little dollop of cream in your tea and all there is in the room is a package of coffee mate. Blah! I went down to the meeting room early yesterday morning figuring I could get my tea there. But alas, it was not so. Indeed there was cream but their 'hot' water was little more than room temprature. And it was so cold out I couldn't talk myself into doing a 'Timmy's" run. But - not this morning! Even though there is windchill warnings of minus 40 out (Can you imagine? March 11 and there is windchill warnings out!!!), I will be heading out of my room by 7:45 am to face the freezing cold to get my steeped tea from Timmy's!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good-night Wayne...

Video Web Calling...I wish I had bought a lap top years ago. Being away from home just got a little bit easier. Enjoyable!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Just Another Reason

Yes...we still have snow mid-March...Yes...it is cold (going down to minus 37 tonight) - BUT - you have to admit - living in Saskatchewan does have SEVERAL major perks. Not only are we the province with the most 'sunny days' in Canada and not only are we now the top 'hot job' market in Canada (see the report recently on CNN) - not only can you see your enemy coming towards you from 500 km away...you can't deny that it is an added bonus that we do not have to remember to 'reset our clocks' like the rest of the world...the sun still rises and sets at the same time for us! Saskatchewan Rules!!! Let's hear it for Saskatchewan!!!! Yay for us Yay for us Yay for us!!!!

{The picture above is the view from my hotel room in North Battleford this evening...see...no time changing and the moon still rose over the farm house...that I can see that is about 2 km away...it's a good thing!} ;-)

Happy Birthday...

Barbara Millicent Roberts (a.k.a. Barbie) - you turned 50 today!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mini-Break Over

6 PM Sunday Night...thus ends my 4 day 'mini-break'. I am back on the road tomorrow - back up to North Battleford for 3 days again. Sigh...I miss my hubby, my son and my cat already...but with my new lap top I will be able to talk and see them on the web cam....fun! OK...well maybe my cat I won't be able to 'see and talk' to, but I guess if Wayne held him up to the computer...hmmmm...I might have to make him try that... :-)

During my 4 days off, not only did I get my file drawers organized (including getting some shredding done), I got all 3 of our Income Tax's done (yeah for QuickTax!), watched a few movies: Mamma Mia (again) Sense & Sensibility (again) Pride & Prejudice (the 6 hour one with Colin Firth - again), I also got some card crafting done!

All-in-all it was a great few days off...except for the sickening snow of course...!

Snowing Again

It is snowing snowing snowing...again...will it never stop?
Will spring ever get here?
Another good day for watching movies and crafting.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wifely Duties

It's not often that I perform my 'wifely duties' and go watch Wayne play hockey. Not since I got the ol' engagement ring anyways...!!! ;-) But since he was in a hockey tournament this weekend and seeing how he had the whole house cleaned for me the other day - I woke Kurtis up early and we headed off to the rink to watch one of Wayne's games.
As usual, I pretty much cheered for the clock {go time go}...I heard Wayne say to his team mates "See guys! I really do have a wife!" I'm not known for attending hockey games! Ha, ha!

An Enjoyable Product

I enjoy when products or companies stand behind what they sell. I love to use Ad tech Glue Runner for my card making projects. Over the last few months though, I had quite a few refills wreck for whatever reason. The glue did not come out as it should have. I couldn't take them back because I didn't have a receipt for them - though I will keep a receipt for them in the future as they are almost $4 a package and I go through lots of them. I have bought and tried a few different glues over the last few months, but none of them are equal to the Ad tech glue. So, with almost $12 worth of their product that I technically love unusable, I decided to e-mail the company with a complaint. Low and behold, yesterday, a mere week later, a brown envelope arrives at my door with 5 refills and a new dispenser!!! ENJOYABLE!!!! Ad tech - you are still my favorite craft tool! Thank you for standing behind your product! Good stuff! Needless to say, if you are looking for me today, I shall be down in my craft room, throwing out the 'Martha Stewart' glue (oh Martha....must I contact you as well??? Your glue sucks!) and crafting away the day!

Friday, March 6, 2009

One Less Reason

I now have one less reason to get out of bed in the morning....I bought myself a lap top today. I have been looking for one for awhile as I just wanted a cheap one that I could hook up to the wireless internet and just check e-mails, read blogs, etc. without always having to be so lonely by myself in the computer room! Now I can be downstairs, in the living room, in the kitchen or in the bedroom! I can be watching TV but still doing stuff on the computer. I won't be loading any special programs on it (MS Office, photoshop, etc.) as that is what my desk top computer is for, but it has a built in webcam and microphone so that when I am on my road trips (I leave again Monday), I can check out my boys at home on our home computer or/and on Kurtis' lap top. Technology....it's a wonderful thing!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Today was my birthday!
I started it off by not waking up until 8:00 am - can you imagine? I walked into the kitchen to make myself a mug of tea to find that the boys had bought me an adorable garden ornament for my birthday. A little girl and boy swinging on a garden swing, holding a bunny.
Cute!After lunch out with the girls from work,
I came home and simply relaxed for the afternoon.

I usually make confetti angel food cake with cool whip and jello pudding for my birthday (my favorite) but my Team Members made that for me yesterday while I was up in North Battleford. (How nice was that!) So I decided to make a chocolate brownie cake...mmmm...chocolate...it's always a good thing!

All and all, it was a very nice birthday.
Thank you to everyone for their cards, presents and well wishes!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Love is...

Coming home after being away for 3 days, very tired and stressed from driving home through thick fog, and finding out that the love of your life has cleaned the whole house including washing the sheets and remaking your bed, all ready for you to take a hot bath and crawl into fresh sheets for a glorious night's sleep in your own bed...that Stanley (a.k.a. Wayne)...he's a keeper!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One More Sleep

One more sleep until I am home to my boys!!! Yay!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cat & Kat's Internet Cafe

My protege, Katrina, the new human resources recruitment and development coordinator and I, headed off on our first road trip together. After checking out our North Battleford branch, an enjoyable lunch topped off with some recruiting, developing and coordinating it was time to head back to the hotel and set up a personal internet cafe where we could get to work on keeping our blogs up to date for our readers....

{intriguing reading.....indeed}

{you may wonder what a garbage can is doing turned upside down on our internet cafe desk....please refer to above photo and note that this garbage can played an intricate role in capturing an intense blogging moment....}

Stray Cat Watch - Day 114

While Barney still looks pretty rough - his fur is growing back!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


So very tired of the snow...

Kitty Kat Cat

And because I have not had a nice picture of
my Banjo up for a number of days....here he is...
My kitty kat cat!

Another Crafty Sunday

There were so many things I should have been doing today - but - I did not do any of them! I watched "The Sound of Music" (must get ready for March 27) and made 3 cards. I should have been packing my suitcase as I leave for our North Battleford Branch tomorrow for 3 days. But, my suitcase still sits on the bed. I'm not leaving until around 8:30 am so I think I will just pack in the morning. I will be home Wednesday evening and then have Thursday and Friday off - I'm so excited! But then, on the following Monday, it's back up North I go for another 3 days. I don't like being away from home and my boys for that long but....what can you do!


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