Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thoughts About Dead Relatives

I have a whole bunch of pictures (30+) of relatives that are long gone that my great-aunt gave me. I know who a few of them are but most of them I don't. I believe the young couple at the top middle are my great grandparents. (My mom can correct me on that if I am wrong.) Robert and Catherine (the grandmother I was named after). You can see Catherine with her sister in the two bottom left pictures. The stern looking woman in the middle and top right is my great-great-grandmother Miner. Now...doesn't she just look like the type of grandma that would give you a cuddle and a cookie over a skinned knee.... ummm.... hmmm.... perhaps not. She has what looks to be like a rolled up magazine in her hand in the top picture. I suspect to give the little baby beside her a good thrashing if she steps out of line! One of the four boys in the bottom right picture is supposedly Bill Miner, a.k.a. The Grey Fox - Canada's first train robber and the first bandit to say "hands up". He was noted as the "gentleman bandit". That's my families' great claim to fame...impressive isn't it?!!

Like to read more? http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/hist/miner-eng.htm or

Anyhoo - back to my thought - so I was looking through these pictures the other day - with a good 25 of them not having a clue who they are and it got me wondering what to do with them. There is only a few of them that mean a little something to me, and I suspect will mean even less, if not nothing, to Kurtis when I get old and he's put me in a senior's home and is cleaning out all my 'treasures' and he's thinking "Why the heck did my mother keep all this crap and who the heck are these pictures of!".....he probably won't say "heck", but that is the word I will use in this post. :-)

I admit they are fun to look at once in awhile. Nobody is ever smiling in old photos. They all look so depressed. Of course the guy at the top left looks like he is going off to war so I guess he has a right to look depressed! But basically all these photos are just taking up space. They (the infamous 'they') say that fewer and fewer people are printing hard copies of their pictures. Everyone simply stores them on their computers. I believe it. I know I no longer get pictures printed very often anymore unless they are family pictures that I am giving out. I think of all the time, money and energy people have spent on scrapbooking. Will those photo albums still be appreciated 100 years from now? I guess they will have documentation in them so at least future relatives will know who the pictures are of.

So back to my thoughts - what do I do with all these old pictures? Do I garbage them and save Kurtis the trouble one day or should I keep them? Any ideas?


Cheryl said...

You scan them like I did and put into Smile box's or similar, then also download to CD's or DVD's and then you close your eyes as you have some one burn all the pictures.
How much would your life change if all your pictures disappearred tomorrow? None. Those images are burned in your mind, heart and soul and no one can take them away.

Anonymous said...

That is a very interesting "claim to fame" for your family...my fam has nothing cool like that!



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