Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stray Cat Watch - Day 85

I realized yesterday that the small orange kitty that was hurt, who I thought was Jerry, is actually Barney. As I hadn't seen the kitty's face the other day (Stray Cat Watch - Day 83) and had only seen Barney's face (not his body) on Stray Cat Watch - Day 73 , I didn't put together the fact that the hurt cat was Barney. He has lost so much weight and is so tiny that I thought he was one of the kittens. But if you look at the 3 pictures I took yesterday (the sore looks worse) and the two bottom pictures of him in the fall where he has more weight and looks nice and healthy, you can see how skinny and small he is. I feel so bad for him. He sat and looked at me for a long time as I sat and watched him through the garden door window. I tried to open the garden door slowly to see if he would still let me get near him, but he ran away. I guess I will keep putting food out and hope that he makes it through the winter and his sores clear up. Poor Barney! It makes me very sad...

1 comment:

katrina lauren said...

Glad to see that Barney is back! You will be able to fatten him up again....they are lucky to have you for a friend!


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