Saturday, February 21, 2009

Problem Solved

NOTE: Banjo is just sniffing around in the bottom right hand picture - not doing his 'business' - I'm not trying to gross anyone out or anything! :-(!)

When you have a big cat
- no ordinary litter box will do. A 'normal' sized cat box hasn't been big enough for my Banjo since before he was 1 years old. So for years, we have used different types of storage containers. You couldn't buy anything too tall as he wouldn't be able to jump in. You couldn't buy anything too long as it wouldn't fit in the area we have his litter box. You couldn't have any containers with 'groves' in it or you couldn't clean out the box properly. As he is a tall and long cat as well as larger, when doing his 'business', lots of times, he would miss the inside of the box. I don't need to tell you how unappealing this was. But today, I finally found a tall enough, long enough, wide enough storage box that could have a 'door' cut into it. You take the lid off, clean out the litter, lock the lid back on...NO MORE MESS ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!!! Why on Earth could I not have found a box like this 7 years ago!!!!! I think this would have even did the trick when he was 30 lbs, but now that he is a svelte 21 1/2 lbs, it is perfect! At last, a "Banjo sized" litter box! Once I had his area all cleaned up, he came down stairs, gave his new box a sniff, crawled in, did a little more investigating of his new 'digs' and jumped out. I think he likes it and I think it will work! I guess I'll know for sure later! :-)


Donna said...

ha! i remember those messes around the litter box - it is a really big deal when you have found an awesome litter box like you just did...totally remember...i miss my cat but sometimes i don't miss the litter box job?

GreatGranny said...

A fantastic idea, even for a smaller cat. Not having litter kicked out would be nice.


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