Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Joy of a New Purse

I can not explain the joy that buying a new purse brings to me. Most women love shoes - not me - I love purses. Shoes, I buy very rarely. I would prefer to go barefoot. But purses - beautiful new unique purses. This is my newest purse, just bought this morning at Pharmasave (such beautiful purses there!!). I don't buy expensive purses. I've never been into 'brand names' for too much of anything related to clothing or accessories. I like having many purses so that I can change them once a week. I have winter purses and summer purses. This I am considering a summer purse, of which I actually have green sandals to match. I retire purses that I haven't used for a year, donating them to Community Living, so some other woman can experience the joy of buying a 'gently used', beautiful purse. In the stock of my purses I am currently using are: 5 green ones, 5 black, 4 brown, 1 navy, and 1 'see thru'. I have 5 older ones (assorted colors) in a bag that will be going to the next pick up of CL. This green one is a 'go to work' purse. It is not a 'shopping' purse (the straps aren't long enough to sit on my shoulder), nor a 'traveling' purse (since I can't fit my smaller camera in it). But it has some great pockets and - I think - very pretty! Ahhh....the quest for the perfect I right ladies?!?!


Donna said...

oh yes a new purse is almost as exciting as me buying a new bathing suit or a new belt! ha! good ol pharmasave I love their stuff! i bought a beautiful wallet there. Your green purse is awesome, i love the colour!

Anonymous said...

I also love purses and am very excited to find a beautiful, unique one in Vegas this week. This one is a beauty...and even Innovation green!



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