Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Inspiration in a Box

For many years - probably at least 15 - I have had a shoe box full of inspirational pictures. I have since 'upgraded' to a beautiful, paper linen, card board photo box. I have always loved magazines; home plans, decorating, etc. As I am going through them the 1st time, I attach little sticky tabs onto pages of things that inspire me. It may be a nicely decorated kitchen, a different way to arrange picture frames, a craft I would like to do, a great house lay out, a beautiful garden, or even colors that inspire me. Then, about every six months, I go through the magazines again, paying particular attention to the pages I have put tabs on. If those pages still inspire me six months later, I cut them out and put them in this box. The magazines then go to recycling - or really good ones get taken to work into the coffee room to be shared with co-workers. Whenever I need some inspiration, I go through the box. You would think that after 15 years the box would be full. But it isn't. I only keep in there things that I really love. Not just "like". Every once in awhile I throw the odd thing out as it no longer 'does it' for me. But for the most part, I love everything in there. It is for sure one of my "feel good" things to do!

1 comment:

Donna said...

great inspiration box! i love the garden stepping stones picture..that is inspirational for enjoyable to bring that box out whenever you needs some inspiration.
that is wonderful sharing!


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