Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hot Girls

Related to "Blast From The Past" post below:

A really blurry photo I know - I'm not sure who was taking the picture on this camping trip (yes...I used to go camping) but they could use some lessons. But since I really don't like showing pictures of people without their permission, I'm thinking I am pretty safe in saying you wouldn't recognize these gals from this really bad picture even if they were standing right in front of you! So look at the 3 of us...the tall skinny blond at left (obviously not me), the oldest sister (same age a me), she of course always got to play "Jill". Go figure. Then there is the cute little dark haired sister in the middle (2 years younger then us), well she of course would play Kelly. And then me at the right. Plain brown haired...Kate. Sigh.... I notice that all 3 of us were going for the "knee sock" look with our shorts....hmmmm.....stylish was the 70's remember. I guess we weren't worried about tan lines back then. And look at all 3 of us in our sexy halter tops. I'm guessing I was 10 or 11. Good memories girls! Love to you both where ever you ended up in the world!

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