Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sound of Music Movie Review

27 more sleeps until Miss K and I host the 1st Annual "Sound of Music Movie Review". We are setting a goal to have some 'fun in the work place'! We were wondering if we were the only fans {enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer} of the appears there are a few other's that will come out of the closet and admit their love for the movie! This review won't be for the faint of heart "I think I watched it once at Christmas about 12 years ago" people (though they are still welcome to come and join the fun)....this is for the die hard, can sing every word to every song, know all the children's names, have all the lines memorized, got to watch it a couple of times a year, crazy about, true, loyal, Sound of Music Groupies....I can hardly wait!

Friday, February 27, 2009

How Deep is the Snow?

Too deep for the kitties to climb up onto the deck,
find their food and get into their little house!
That's how deep!


It looks like one brave kitty plowed through the snow
and finished off what food was there.
As soon as I get home from work tonight
I will get out there and clean off the deck for them.

Poor kitties!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Antique Card Collection

My Great Aunt (the same one from "Thoughts About Dead Relatives" post) loves to save stuff. She gave to me a number of years ago her 'card collection'. These are very old cards, some dating back to over 100 years ago, that her and her husband got from when they were kids on up to when they were newly married. A lot of them are from England and Scotland. Some of them are so delicate, I don't even like to touch them. I put them in a photo album so that you could see both sides of them but not have to touch them.
There are cards that are hand stitched. The workmanship is extraordinary. Very intricate. I looked them up on ebay once. Some of these cards go for $30 to $50 each! I have several. You lift the little flap and there is a teeny tiny greeting card inside. Very cute! Click on the picture to make it bigger so that you can see the hand stitches - very exquisite!
There are cards that are personalized. "A" for Arnold (my maiden name) with personalized insides. Mr. & Mrs. S. Arnold - that was Sydney Arnold, my great-uncle, who is the husband to the great-aunt as above. You can see the date on this 1st card. "1913" The Santa card in the bottom middle is "3D". It is very delicate and flimsy - this one for sure I don't like handling too much. It's very cute! (The picture doesn't do it justice.)
There are stamps on some of the post cards. "July 23, 1905" - cool huh?

An invitation to a party. March 20th, 1924 at 8:15 pm....who starts a party at 8:15 pm??? I guess they were very precise back then as to when they wanted to 'get this party started' huh? 75 cents got you a 'musical program, dancing and cards'...sounds like a good deal to me! The bottom left post card is from the "Doodledoo's"....who the heck were the "Doodledoo's"???? The middle card with the kitty on front has a little story inside - cute! And the bottom right is a post card advertisement looking for mail order brides. It says "Why don't you marry a millionaire by parcel post?" If only it was really that I right ladies?!!??

So those are just a few cards from my cherished antique cards - I think they are quite interesting to look at and thought I would share!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No Words

There are just

no words

for today's


Monday, February 23, 2009

Two Very Special People

What a GLORIOUS day I had today! First up - a big WELCOME to Katrina - I have been waiting a long time for you my dear Katrina! I can not express the joy and relief that I am experiencing having your help for the rest of this year. I look forward to all the things we shall learn from each other, teach each other, and I anticipate a whole lot of laughter working together! Welcome welcome welcome....... And to add to my already joyous day - my BFF returned to work from her holidays!!! It is so wonderful to have you back my most cherished friend! Missed you missed you missed you....

I was in pure BLISS all day! Life is good!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crafty Sunday Indeed

I made 5 cards and I vacuumed.
Not too bad for a Sunday! :-)

Crafting Treat

There is so much I should be doing today: cleaning the house, doing our taxes, completing my Heart & Stroke Foundation route, buying groceries, etc. I have a feeling I won't be getting to any of it. I treated myself yesterday to buying two tins of crafting chalks. I have wanted these for almost two years but couldn't justify spending the money on them. (They are kind of pricey!) But I just couldn't resist them anymore so I finally bought them for myself yesterday. How could I keep passing up all those beautiful colors!
And I also found a magnetic white board at the Wholesale Store ($5.95!) that would fit all of my magnetic craft containers. So I spent a few hours yesterday organizing. Buying and organizing crafting supplies....I think I spend more time doing that then actual crafting. Once (and only once) Wayne made a comment about how expensive something was that I bought (can't remember what it was). I asked him, "How much is a round of golf that lasts for only a few hours?" That was the last time he ever commented on my hobby expenses! Thankfully, we are one of those couples that have never fought about money - we have 'ours', 'mine' and 'yours'. It has seemed to work out for over 20 years so far! So I guess you know where I will be all day - crafting and watching movies!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Joy of a New Purse

I can not explain the joy that buying a new purse brings to me. Most women love shoes - not me - I love purses. Shoes, I buy very rarely. I would prefer to go barefoot. But purses - beautiful new unique purses. This is my newest purse, just bought this morning at Pharmasave (such beautiful purses there!!). I don't buy expensive purses. I've never been into 'brand names' for too much of anything related to clothing or accessories. I like having many purses so that I can change them once a week. I have winter purses and summer purses. This I am considering a summer purse, of which I actually have green sandals to match. I retire purses that I haven't used for a year, donating them to Community Living, so some other woman can experience the joy of buying a 'gently used', beautiful purse. In the stock of my purses I am currently using are: 5 green ones, 5 black, 4 brown, 1 navy, and 1 'see thru'. I have 5 older ones (assorted colors) in a bag that will be going to the next pick up of CL. This green one is a 'go to work' purse. It is not a 'shopping' purse (the straps aren't long enough to sit on my shoulder), nor a 'traveling' purse (since I can't fit my smaller camera in it). But it has some great pockets and - I think - very pretty! Ahhh....the quest for the perfect I right ladies?!?!

Problem Solved

NOTE: Banjo is just sniffing around in the bottom right hand picture - not doing his 'business' - I'm not trying to gross anyone out or anything! :-(!)

When you have a big cat
- no ordinary litter box will do. A 'normal' sized cat box hasn't been big enough for my Banjo since before he was 1 years old. So for years, we have used different types of storage containers. You couldn't buy anything too tall as he wouldn't be able to jump in. You couldn't buy anything too long as it wouldn't fit in the area we have his litter box. You couldn't have any containers with 'groves' in it or you couldn't clean out the box properly. As he is a tall and long cat as well as larger, when doing his 'business', lots of times, he would miss the inside of the box. I don't need to tell you how unappealing this was. But today, I finally found a tall enough, long enough, wide enough storage box that could have a 'door' cut into it. You take the lid off, clean out the litter, lock the lid back on...NO MORE MESS ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!!! Why on Earth could I not have found a box like this 7 years ago!!!!! I think this would have even did the trick when he was 30 lbs, but now that he is a svelte 21 1/2 lbs, it is perfect! At last, a "Banjo sized" litter box! Once I had his area all cleaned up, he came down stairs, gave his new box a sniff, crawled in, did a little more investigating of his new 'digs' and jumped out. I think he likes it and I think it will work! I guess I'll know for sure later! :-)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hot Girls

Related to "Blast From The Past" post below:

A really blurry photo I know - I'm not sure who was taking the picture on this camping trip (yes...I used to go camping) but they could use some lessons. But since I really don't like showing pictures of people without their permission, I'm thinking I am pretty safe in saying you wouldn't recognize these gals from this really bad picture even if they were standing right in front of you! So look at the 3 of us...the tall skinny blond at left (obviously not me), the oldest sister (same age a me), she of course always got to play "Jill". Go figure. Then there is the cute little dark haired sister in the middle (2 years younger then us), well she of course would play Kelly. And then me at the right. Plain brown haired...Kate. Sigh.... I notice that all 3 of us were going for the "knee sock" look with our shorts....hmmmm.....stylish was the 70's remember. I guess we weren't worried about tan lines back then. And look at all 3 of us in our sexy halter tops. I'm guessing I was 10 or 11. Good memories girls! Love to you both where ever you ended up in the world!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blast From The Past

MALIBU BARBIE....I received you Christmas of 1972...oh what joy you brought me. How cool was it that you came with sunglasses? How I wanted to be so thin and popular like you. were so often my best friend! I played with you well into my early teenage years, changing your clothes and hair style. Where are you now my Barbie dearest...I have lost you in one of my many many moves...I think of you gave me so many hours and years of were always there for me when I was lonely and needed someone to talk were the best....
KEN!!!! Dear sweet "Mod Hair Ken" were so handsome with your changeable beard, mustache and side were never far from Barbie's side...always giving her space when she needed to just be with the girls...but always there when she needed a date to the prom...alas you now lay in a storage box somewhere underneath the stairs, with a broken leg, "mod hair" lost many years ago, dressed in a home-made (very sadly hand sewn by me) Superman costume...your cape made out of Malibu Barbie's sacrificed, gorgeous, red, prom dress...and because I had a son that I love, you lay there...your manlyness stolen....wearing blue will always be Barbie's #1 man...
THE BARBIE BEACH BUS!!!! How AWESOME was it that I had the Barbie Beach Bus! Oh what hours of fun Barbie, Ken and I would have, driving you around, from my bedroom, to the living room, to the kitchen. You were absolutely the coolest.......until the F*r*u*a*s*n (blocked) girls got the Barbie Camper....bigger....more furniture....more accessories....could fit more Barbies....WHATEVER!!! Oh those girls...always the best and most expensive toys for those sisters....luckily they were my BFF's when I was young so I got to reap the benefits of playing with all their cool toys...I thank you for being good share-ers...I couldn't have asked for better childhood friends....even though I always had to be "Kate" when we played "Charlie's Angels". Never did I get to be the sexier Jill or Kelly....for me it was always the more boring, plain looking Kate....just once I wanted to be Jill or Kelly....sigh.....that is OK....I love you both still.....singing together in our "girl band", in your basement, to your whole collection of "Bay City Rollers" records will be cherished childhood memories for the rest of my life....I thank you both....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To George...

From the top left:
NO, Definitely Not, Ugh, Gahhkk, NO, Barf, Yuck, NOOOO!

From the top left:
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Absolutely, Yes, Yes

I hope this assists you in finding me a lawn ornament down in Mexico...!

If it makes you laugh thinking about it sitting amongst my garden suns, moons, stars, cats, rabbits, dragonflies, lady bugs, birds and's probably not the right thing.....;-)

Stray Cat Watch - Day 101

Barney is back and he is looking MUCH better than from "Stray Cat Watch - Day 92" where I wouldn't even show you his picture! This isn't the best picture, it was dusk and of course I couldn't put the flash on as it would reflect off the garden doors and scare him - but I can tell you his sores look a whole bunch better then they did 9 days ago. He is still small and skinny but hopefully he is on the mend. The dark patches are where his sores are. I will keep watching and hoping!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Crafty Holiday Monday

After spending about 2 hours last night organizing my crafting ribbons (oh the joy organizing my crafting supplies gives me I can not even explain to you), I was ready to spend the day crafting today.
And crafting I did. 7 cards during 2 movies. Showing are 3 of my favorites. I have finally updated my crafting blog (Corner of Cat's Crafts ) and deleted cards that have been sold and added my new ones on. All in all - it was a lovely holiday Monday!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Book & Movie Review

The following is simply my opinion: I remember Oprah saying on her show once that she was no longer going to waste time on a book that she wasn't enjoying reading...I should have taken her advise. I should have put this book down by about chapter 5 - but no - I just had to keep reading it until the end. I don't know whether it was because I spent $10 on it or whether it was plain curiosity of if it would get better. It's not that it was a bad story, because it wasn't. I liked the 'story', but there was too much description and parts that I didn't think were valid to the story which made for a very slow read. (OK, there was a river...I get can you go on and on about what the water was like...and why would Lily want to lick Rosaleen's shoulder...what did that have to do with anything?!!) So then I thought I should rent the movie off Max Front Row...after all...sometimes the movies are so much better then the book...(?!?)...what - was - I - thinking....! It was just barely better then the book, moving along at a slightly quicker pace, skipping parts and changing things so that the ending was a bit different...but not any better. Don't get me wrong - I had a few tears in my eyes at certain parts - but then again - I cry really easily. What kept me watching was, not just the $5.95 I spent renting it, but the fact that I was really enjoying all the actors in it. I love Queen Latifah. And the other ladies were fabulous in it too as were the men. All in all, it was the acting that made it worth the while of watching it, but I would be tempted to wait until it came on TV for free! Again - just my opinion!

Foggy Drive

It was very cold out yesterday when we were travelling to Regina and we kept hitting fog patches. While fog makes for nerve wracking driving, it makes for interesting pictures!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Lunch

We went to Regina shopping for the day.
My boys and I went to Moxie's for lunch.
I took a picture of Wayne and I.
I think it turned out quite well.
This is the best I could get of Kurtis.
Teenagers...gotta love 'em!

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day - The Day Of Love
A day for lover's to acknowledge their love for each other?
A day for the retail stores to spike up their sales?
A day for singletons to feel lonely?
it's just a day
to stop and say
"I Love You"
but do not wait
for this yearly date
say it daily too
Love the person you are with today
Including yourself
I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

It is Friday the 13th - unlucky? I think not! After all, it is:
~ Friday
~ Pay Day
~ A long weekend
Sometimes, life just doesn't get better then that - don't you think?
"To Do" List For The Weekend:
~ Hopefully go shopping in Regina (can't find accent pillows for my couch in SC!)
~ Clean the house
~ Watch some movies
~ Do some crafting (it's been weeks since I've crafted!)
~ Catch up on some sleep
~ Relax relax relax

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Trip to the Vet

As we have the stray kitties around and the weather is getting nice enough for Banjo to be outside (on his leash of course) for a bit of fresh air, I thought it best to take him to the vet this morning for updating of all his shots.

Needless to say, he did not enjoy his visit at the vet's office...................

Banjo's Healed Ego

"Sigh...forced to watch another evening of "cuteness"
from Sammy, Jerry and Peanut."
"She wants cute? I'll give her cute!"
"Dooptee dooptee doo...look at me...being cute...playing with my mouse..."
"Hmmmm...I guess she did buy a couch to match me...."
"Why would I ever doubt that she still loved me best."
"What a ridiculous notion I had."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thoughts About Dead Relatives

I have a whole bunch of pictures (30+) of relatives that are long gone that my great-aunt gave me. I know who a few of them are but most of them I don't. I believe the young couple at the top middle are my great grandparents. (My mom can correct me on that if I am wrong.) Robert and Catherine (the grandmother I was named after). You can see Catherine with her sister in the two bottom left pictures. The stern looking woman in the middle and top right is my great-great-grandmother Miner. Now...doesn't she just look like the type of grandma that would give you a cuddle and a cookie over a skinned knee.... ummm.... hmmm.... perhaps not. She has what looks to be like a rolled up magazine in her hand in the top picture. I suspect to give the little baby beside her a good thrashing if she steps out of line! One of the four boys in the bottom right picture is supposedly Bill Miner, a.k.a. The Grey Fox - Canada's first train robber and the first bandit to say "hands up". He was noted as the "gentleman bandit". That's my families' great claim to fame...impressive isn't it?!!

Like to read more? or

Anyhoo - back to my thought - so I was looking through these pictures the other day - with a good 25 of them not having a clue who they are and it got me wondering what to do with them. There is only a few of them that mean a little something to me, and I suspect will mean even less, if not nothing, to Kurtis when I get old and he's put me in a senior's home and is cleaning out all my 'treasures' and he's thinking "Why the heck did my mother keep all this crap and who the heck are these pictures of!".....he probably won't say "heck", but that is the word I will use in this post. :-)

I admit they are fun to look at once in awhile. Nobody is ever smiling in old photos. They all look so depressed. Of course the guy at the top left looks like he is going off to war so I guess he has a right to look depressed! But basically all these photos are just taking up space. They (the infamous 'they') say that fewer and fewer people are printing hard copies of their pictures. Everyone simply stores them on their computers. I believe it. I know I no longer get pictures printed very often anymore unless they are family pictures that I am giving out. I think of all the time, money and energy people have spent on scrapbooking. Will those photo albums still be appreciated 100 years from now? I guess they will have documentation in them so at least future relatives will know who the pictures are of.

So back to my thoughts - what do I do with all these old pictures? Do I garbage them and save Kurtis the trouble one day or should I keep them? Any ideas?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Early Morning Fog

I had intended to be at work this morning by 6:00 am
but the early morning fog side tracked me!

A Tease of Spring

It was beautiful out yesterday! The water was running down the street and I think it got to at least plus 6. Can you believe we are to have snow for a few days now and be back to minus 11 for a high on Thursday. Sigh...QUIT TEASING US MOTHER NATURE!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happiness Is...

Having a husband who doesn't say anything when you ask him to lift the big ol' Econo Size Cat Food bag into the shopping cart so that you can keep on feeding the stray kitties.

Stay Cat Watch Day 92

Hello Jerry!!!

Hello Sammy!!!

I saw Barney this morning but I am not putting up his pictures. It is not good. He is so skinny and is missing so much hair and has open, oozing sores on patches of raw skin. I feel so bad for him. I am sure he won't last long. I hope whoever started this chain of stray cats thinks twice before ever getting another pet ever again.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Stray Cat Watch - Day 90

2 wee orange kitties! One was Peanut - I didn't get a good look at the second one nor was I quick enough with my camera. By the size of him I would guess he's from the same batch as Peanut. I will wait to see his face before I name him!

I seem to have an excess of ORANGE KITTIES!

New Living Room Furniture

After more than a year of searching, we finally found a couch and love seat for our upstairs living room that we believe to be 'cat proof'! For nearly 8 years I have been decorating my house 'around' Banjo, and I wouldn't have it any other way! We didn't want leather and we didn't want 'faux suede' nor anything with a pattern. We wanted it simple and we wanted it in neutral colors. That didn't leave many choices in the living room furniture world now-a-days! Tomorrow Wayne and I are going to go find something for the wall behind the couch (something unique) and a couple of extra pillows to punch up the beige's and taupe's. The pillows have a little bit of green in them so I am hoping to find solid colored pillows to pull that out more. So consider this the 'before' picture and I will hopefully have the 'after' picture on the weekend.

Heart & Stroke Month

Inspiring stories:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stray Cat Watch - Day 89

So - yesterday I came home to discover that tabby cat is NOT a male - but a female - and it appears that she has babies - or at least baby! Wayne had been seeing a tiny black kitten who I thought perhaps was Sammy but he says it is as small as this little orange guy who looks to be only about 8 or 9 weeks old! How did they survive the cold spell? Poor things! So I have named mamma and baby "Cashew & Peanut". Peanut being the wee one of course! I guess that makes seven cats - that I have taken pictures of and named now - Calico Kitty, Barney, Dean, Jerry, Sammy, Cashew and Peanut. Hmmm...I really am becoming the 'cat lady' of Swift Current!! A name I can live with. :-) Once the weather gets warmer, and rodents and birds are more abundant, I will stop putting out food for them. But for now, they are all welcome on my deck!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Inspiration in a Box

For many years - probably at least 15 - I have had a shoe box full of inspirational pictures. I have since 'upgraded' to a beautiful, paper linen, card board photo box. I have always loved magazines; home plans, decorating, etc. As I am going through them the 1st time, I attach little sticky tabs onto pages of things that inspire me. It may be a nicely decorated kitchen, a different way to arrange picture frames, a craft I would like to do, a great house lay out, a beautiful garden, or even colors that inspire me. Then, about every six months, I go through the magazines again, paying particular attention to the pages I have put tabs on. If those pages still inspire me six months later, I cut them out and put them in this box. The magazines then go to recycling - or really good ones get taken to work into the coffee room to be shared with co-workers. Whenever I need some inspiration, I go through the box. You would think that after 15 years the box would be full. But it isn't. I only keep in there things that I really love. Not just "like". Every once in awhile I throw the odd thing out as it no longer 'does it' for me. But for the most part, I love everything in there. It is for sure one of my "feel good" things to do!


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