Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Wake Up Stare

it's early Saturday morning
like real early
you usually get up early
but today you just want to sleep-in
just until 6:00 am at least
that's all you are asking for
just a couple of extra hours
you are sound asleep
and all of a sudden
you can feel it
you know it's there
you pretend you're still sleeping
but it won't go away
you slowly open your eyes
and there it is
the never fails
"Get Up And Feed Me" Stare


katrina lauren said...

i know this stare...i get a similar one each morning...
{their hunger tells them when it's time...}

Brandi said...

Funny. I can never get over how beautiful your cat's eyes are. Jd my old buddy used to do the hook. He would be laying next you and every so slightly reach out and hook your chin to wake you up. But if you ignored him too long it would get ugly LOL

Donna said...

i can totally relate to the wake up stare only my cat snowball paces back and forth on the bed beside me until she just about goes beserk and starts walking over my head...funny!


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