Friday, January 30, 2009

Stray Cat Watch - Day 83

**WARNING** If you are squeamish, there is a graphic picture on this post:

Yesterday at lunch I got home and Tabby Cat was eating from the stray cat bowl. He is very skittish and ran off as soon as he noticed me taking pictures of him. Wayne thinks he doesn't look like a stray. I think he does. He is way skinnier then his pictures from Stray Cat Watch Day 27, and house pets usually 'bulk up' during the winter, so I am thinking he is a stray. Either way he's obviously hungry so he's welcome to help himself at my stray kitty bowl! A few minutes later one of the little orange kitties was at the bowl. I never did get a look at his face to make sure but by his coloring, I believe it is Jerry! I was very happy to see him until I saw that he had some fur missing. I zoomed in to find that he has a few sore patches on his skin. It doesn't look like he was in a fight, so I'm not sure what the sores are from. I hope it is nothing too serious and that he is OK! Poor kitty! I'm so glad the weather has been warmer lately. I will keep watching!

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