Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stray Cat Watch - Day 82

Last night - running across the front of the house came two of the youngest stray kittens. I couldn't see them well enough to know if the orange one was Dean or Jerry, but the black one was for sure Sammy! I wasn't quick enough to get their picture but I put a bowl of food on the front steps to coax them back. I was hoping to get a picture of them, but the wrong cat showed up! This is a bigger tabby that has been around before (see Stray Cat Watch - Day 27), but Banjo spied him and he was soon running off! I didn't see the little kitties come back - BUT - this morning - wee little kitty prints in the fresh snow on the back deck! It must be them! I'm glad I had food at the back as well. I'm so happy to see that at least two of them have made it over the winter so far!
Where've you been hiding kitties???

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