Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stray Cat Watch Day - 73

I was at home sick yesterday (pinched nerve - long story) and just happened to walk into the kitchen near noon, to make a cup of tea and who did I spy walking across the deck...BARNEY!!!! I was so excited I grabbed my camera - that is never far from reach - and took a couple of pictures before he sneaked away. He seemed a bit skittish - perhaps since he hasn't seen me in a while. But at least I saw him! He looks to be in good health and is as cute as ever. No frost bitten ears or anything! I am so happy! Welcome back Barney!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the new theme/background!!


katrina lauren said...

Oh Barney...good to have you back!
(and I'm sure Banjo is really pleased as well!;o)


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