Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Bucket List

I've been having a hard time thinking of myself as "middle-aged" lately. I had to get progressive lenses as I was having a hard time reading. It made me feel like that was the first step to 'getting old'. I know being middle-aged is all in your perception - right? I mean, my dad was technically middle-aged when he was 28 years old. But at 43 years of age, soon to be 44, I really don't feel any different, at least not in my head, then I did at 20 years old. It gets you thinking doesn't it? I was watching Oprah one day and she made a comment, about not waiting to do what you want (ie: Her Bucket List), and she said, "If you aren't going to do it at 50 - when are you going to do it then?" That's some good thinking isn't it? I hope my dad got some of the things on his Bucket List done. So with that, I will share with you what I have on my Bucket List so far. There isn't a lot on it (I am afraid I am not very adventurous) but so far I have:

~ Write a story/article and have it published in a well known magazine (I'm not talking Reader's Digest!!!)
~ Design a card for Hallmark
~ Have a photo published in a calendar
~ Own at least 3 cats at one time (my ultimate goal would be to have a barn full of cats!)
~ Hold a baby lion, tiger, cougar, etc.
~ ......???

That's it so far. It doesn't seem very exciting does it? I have no real desires to travel, not right now anyways. I have no need to "jump out of a plane", "bungee jump", or anything really wild and crazy like that. I like being at home. I like being with my family. So for now, I will enjoy where I am in life, progressive lenses and all, and not worry about the term 'middle-aged'.

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