Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Addiction

I have an addiction, well two really, but I will talk about my second one at another time (to Excel Inferno gum). My first and number one addiction is to lip gloss. I, like millions of other people, am addicted to lip balm. I have tubes of my favorite kind, "Blistex Silk & Shine" all over the place. One on my night stand, one in the bathroom, in the computer room, in my craft room, one in the kitchen, in my purse and one in my office. I am never very far away from a tube of it. I always have spare ones in my make-up drawer. And at $3.67 a tube (no cheap "Chap Stick" for my lips thank you!), it must run me close to $250 a year I am thinking. And they always seem to run out at the same time. Depending on what I am doing, I apply it at least once per hour, but may reapply as much as every 20 minutes. There is a "Lip Balm Anonymous".....who knew? And they did a news special on NBC about it. Click links for details. My BFF suffers from the same addiction and she blames it on hanging around with me too much! But, according to all reports, it is not harmful. So I am thinking I don't need an intervention. At least not yet! :-)

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