Saturday, January 31, 2009

Letter To My Younger Self

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and give yourself some advise? If I could, there are several things I would like to tell myself, but these would be a few of my favorites:
~ Try to ignore that older boy that is making your high school years miserable - unfortunately - grade 11 is going to be the best 3 years of his life so you will have to put up with him for all of high school - but it will be OK - because one day when you are about 32 years old, you will be having a really great hair day, be wearing your 'skinny' jeans, be walking down the street of your home town, and you will see this childhood bully - and he will see you - and he will be about 60 lbs heavier then he was in high school will make you feel like you had the proverbial "last laugh".
~ When you are 16 years old, you are going to be challenged to a game of "chicken" while driving your mother's car...take my advise - chicken out - it doesn't end well otherwise.
~ Don't waste any tears on the guy who is going to break your heart - twice - in about 5 years Mr. Right is going to walk into your life (technically back into your life) and two years later you will be married to him.
~ You are going to write 2 stories for a Grade 12 English assignment and give one of them to your best guy friend to hand in...(you know who you are T.H.)...switch them...if you don't, he is going to get an A and you are going to get a B minus!
~ Don't take that job as a Chambermaid - although you will last less then 2 weeks in that job - you are going to be gagging every day while cleaning out the bathrooms.
There are many more things I would tell my younger self, but those are the only ones I will share - the rest are for "my ears only"! :-)

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Donna said...

love it - good advice!


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