Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Heart & Stroke Month

Heart & Stroke Month starts on Sunday, February 1, 2009. It used to be that canvassers only had one week to complete their routes and it would always seem to fall when it was the coldest or stormiest of weather. We now have the whole month. (I asked if H & S month could be changed to May or June, but the Zone and City Leader didn't think this would work very well... hmmm... bummer...) The packages have changed as well. There are coupons for some really great products and some yummy looking health check recipes. I phoned my canvassers last night, as I am the area captain for Battleford Trail, and will be dropping off their packages tonight after work. So if you open your door sometime in February and see a cold, but most likely very cheerful, Heart & Stroke Canvasser wearing the volunteer badge, please give what ever is in your heart and ability to give and remember that these people are giving of their time and will probably have frost-bite by the time they are done their route!

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Brandi said...

I don not think we have these great volunteers in our area but I will donate if you give me an address to send my cheque to


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