Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Mom

It's my mom's birthday today! I won't say how old she is but she's retiring this month...I'm sure you can figure it out. And at the risk of being 'disowned' from showing her high school picture, I will take my chances and post it for the world to see anyways, because it is one of my favorite of her. We forget, as children do, that our parents were young once as well. Full of hopes and dreams and wishes. I hope she looks back today over her life so far (with many, many years to go yet) and feels that she has achieved and done everything she had hoped. Though her life turned out a little differently then planned, by reaching this special milestone in her life without my dad, I hope she embraces the love that they shared and all the special times that they did spend together. They never put anything off, they did some traveling and did what they wanted. "...for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health...till death us do part"...I think she held up her part of the bargain here.
And how lucky is she that she is starting her retirement with a guy who is ready to whisk her around the world!!!! Or at least to Saskatoon on a spur of the moment trip to Home Depot!!!! Ha, ha...too funny that George! I guess we'll keep him! Mom and George are taking a leap of faith and retiring together at the end of this month. They are off to Yuma for a couple of months, doing the "seniors circuit" of desert heat, flea markets, and early bird specials....well maybe not the early bird specials, they are usually drinking their evening cocktails when the rest of the seniors are eating their mashed potatoes.....! They have lots of plans to travel together and I know they will have a lot of fun, see lots of interesting places, drink lots of wine...and will bring me back very nice presents from everywhere they go.... :-)
And here we are, mother and daughter. Both of us with our mouths open ready to talk....yup....that would be us....! As a teenager, when you are told "you look like your mother" you take it as a great insult. (Just ask Kurtis!!!) As time goes on, you have those moments when you say or do something, and you look around shocked and bewildered, wondering where the h-e-double hockey sticks did that come from?!?! I acted/sounded exactly like my mother!!! You wander around dazed for a few moments at the realization that it is true, as women, we all turn into our mothers eventually. And as you get older and you start to look at your mother differently; what she has been through in her life, how she has handled it, the strength that she has, you start to think that perhaps it isn't such a bad thing to start looking and acting like your mother. It becomes a complement.
Mom, I will take what attributes I get from you proudly (except for the one about wanting a tattoo...I still don't get that one...ha, ha) and embrace them as they come. I have never said Thank You enough, or I Am Proud Of You enough, or I Love You enough. But you know I do.
So with that said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY mom!
I hope you have a super-great day.
I look forward to when you are down in a couple of weeks.
We will do something special before you take off
on your big retirement adventure.
Love you lots!


Donna said...

love this dedication to your awesome, sincere, funny, and loving!
you do look a bit like your Mom I must say. I know she is going to enjoy her retirement especially with a good man {you said you would keep him so he must be okay)
Have a good rest of the day Catherine!

katrina lauren said...

so nice...what a special birthday wish!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Catherine - What a special Birthday Tribute. I love you so much and I am so proud of you........Mom

Brandi said...

What a nice blog entry, brings a tear to the eye!! Very enjoyable read
I know what you mean when you realize you are acting like your mother I have so had that!!!
Hope your Mom has a great retirement and birthday


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