Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

I must make a confession...I have a guilty pleasure - American Idol. I am ashamed - but there it is for the whole world to know! There have only been a few reality shows I ever really got into. The very first one was The Amazing Race. I watched it faithfully for the first 3 seasons. After that, it just seemed to become too scripted..!!?? (Ya' think?) I watched Survivor for only one season due to peer pressure from co-workers - everyone was talking about it! I can't remember which season it was (3? 4?) but I can tell you, it did not end well. It's a long story but it involves the final night of the show, Kurtis (9 yrs old) falling off his scooter, a broken arm, a delayed trip to the hospital (his arm looked fine to me....!!!), and a mother's guilt for the rest of her life as her son keeps reminding her, "Remember the time I had a broken arm and you didn't take me to the hospital until Survivor was over?"......sigh....yes Kurtis, I remember...! After that, I stopped watching reality TV until about 3 years ago when I decided to watch American Idol. This is really only the 4th Season I have been watching it. I only watch it until they get down to the top 20 and then I don't really pay attention to it again. After that, for the most part, who's left are all really good singers. And sadly...yes...I like Simon's wise a** attitude! So with that confession made, please do not call my house between 7 pm and 9 pm this evening....unless you need a ride to the hospital....but even then - please make sure it's during the commercial....!!!! :-)

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