Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where Did My Baby Go?

My baby turns 18 today
At 11:08 am to be exact
People always ask
"Where did the time go?"
I can tell you where it went:
To listening to his first laugh
To watching him take his first step
To teaching him his first word
To staying with him in the hospital when he had bronchitis
To taking him to his first day of school
To watching him in his first Christmas concert
To seeing him pass his first test
To listening to him practice his trumpet
To watching him go to his first day of high school
To watching him go to his first day of work
To listening him tell you about his first date
To watching him drive out of the yard by himself for the first time
To watching him walk down the aisle of the auditorium at graduation
That's where the time goes
In little bits and pieces that you forget to measure along the way
So you trace your thoughts back and remember one of the last times you rocked him to sleep in your arms, holding him until your arm was asleep, knowing that when you lay him down in his bed, it could very easily be the last time he will fit into your lap
And you remember the last time he needed you to stay home with him because he was sick and the two of you curled up on the couch together and watched movies and snoozed
And you remember the last time he kissed and hugged you goodnight and you thank your lucky stars in heaven that it was just last night....
Happy Birthday My Boy!
You are my heart and soul.


Donna said...

beautiful tribute to your son, he is very handsome! It is so amazing how much we love our children...thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and pictures!

Anonymous said...

This brought me to tears, Catherine! So heartwarming and loving and Thanks for this reminder of how special every moment with our kids is!!! Sharla

Brandi said...

Love this post!! It also brought tears to my eyes...beautiful. Hope your son has a great birthday.
Kids are a blessing and it is great how you remember all the special moments. you warmed my heart


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