Thursday, December 11, 2008

Walking Down Memory Lane

A friend from work transferred our home movies from VHS to DVD. I highly recommend it to anyone who has those old VHS tapes of their precious memories sitting in a drawer somewhere disintegrating. It was worth every penny. I had a copy made to keep in our safety deposit box and a copy to be kept at home. It's only 4 hours worth of memories, basically of Kurtis from age 9 months to 6 years, but oh how fun it is to watch them. Kurtis and I watched 2 hours worth last night. {I was up until midnight!!!!} We laughed and laughed. How dark his dad's hair used to be. How big Nana and my glasses were, and the fact that all we seem to do on the home movies is eat and open presents! Mostly birthday's and Christmas'. But what I loved was Kurtis being able to see his Papa and his Grandpa again. To hear their voices and see their actions truly warms the heart. And he couldn't believe that his Papa had a Nintendo before he did! And of course, the big question always arises as you are watching home movies of yourself..."Why do I sound like such an idiot and was my butt really that big?" :-)

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Donna said...

What a treasure those home movies are! I don't have any to copy to DVD...what fun you and Kurtis had...I am jealous. I like that you have "reading book now" on your side bar..I love to read and wonderful to hear someone's opinion of what they read. Enjoy the rest of your week Catherine!


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