Friday, December 19, 2008

Tarnishing Tinsel

WARNING: If you are a 'lover of tinsel' please do not be offended by today's blog. It is not meant to offend anyone, just to educate. And of course, it is purely my simple opinion!
Above is a picture of my 1st Christmas. The year was 1970......well OK...1965...I had to try didn't I? On my right, in the dapper sports sweater, my brother. On my left, wearing the snazzy sweater vest with the sticky up hair, my cousin. Behind us, Grandpa and Grandma's Christmas tree. Please click on the picture to make it larger so that you can get a good look. Focus in on the you see it? AGAIN WITH THE TINSEL!!! WHAT is UP with THAT??? For the love of Christmas, how long has that crap been around? With that thought in mind, I just had to investigate the history of Tinsel. Of which I shall share with you:
"Tinsel was first invented in Germany during the early 17th Century. The first pieces of tinsel were made from silver. A special machine that shredded the silver to be used for tinsel was used to make strips. As the silver soon lost it's shine, years later tinsel would be artificially manufactured. Until the early 1900s using the glittery decoration was a status symbol." What? Are you kidding me? "In the 1920s the cheaply made aluminum based tinsels made it affordable for everyone." Oh joy! "By the 50s the aluminized paper used to make it became a fire hazard when coupled with copious lights, decorations and dry Christmas trees." Do ya' think? "Today, it's mostly made from PVC-that's Polyvinyl Chloride. PVC is a controversial vinyl used in many products. It's difficult to recycle and there have been questions about its toxicity because it must be mixed with toxic additives to be of any use." Oh good, more toxin's for the environment. And let's not even get started on the hazards of having tinsel around children and pets! What kitty wouldn’t want to play with something so shiny and pretty? Tinsel is an extremely lethal holiday danger to cats. Once swallowed, tinsel may cut into the intestines or cause them to twist. That would result in surgery or worse, an untimely death. And something I learned from a friend who's cat ate tinsel: NEVER pull tinsel out of a pet's butt if a piece is hanging out as it may be twisted around their intestines. Just let it come out 'naturally' and snip off pieces as needed.
So that is my thoughts on tinsel. Again, it's not meant to offend anyone and if you have tinsel on your tree this year and love it - then all the power to you. But do give it some thought for next year on skipping the tinsel. The environment as well as all the children and pets of the world will thank you for it!


katrina lauren said...

oh you are too funny!!! ha!
what a sweet baby girl & i love that your brother has his shoes on the wrong feet...adds to the pictures cute!

Donna said...

wow that is a priceless photo! oh and just so you know I do not put tinsel on my tree so i liked your history the tinsel (i used to love tinsel it was the most fun to put on a tree) now i just put white lights and hanging ornaments - thats it!
oh and thank you for the lovely handcrafted "cards by Catherine" christmas card on my desk. It was very heartwarming to receive it....


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