Monday, December 22, 2008

Stray Cat Watch - Day 43

UPDATE: Yesterday around noon, Wayne came home from hockey, walked in the house and said "Get your stray cat food ready, Barney is outside." Now first let me say, how cute is it when your husband roles his eyes and shakes his head at you when you buy food specifically for the stray cats, but then calls them by their name you gave them! He's a big softy too! So anyways, I poured some food in a new bowl (as the cat's bowl was covered with snow outside on the deck) and watched Barney walk up to the bottom of the deck stairs. I opened the door and showed him I was putting food out. He tried to climb the stairs but it was so thick with snow that he couldn't. His little paws seem to be hurting him. I quickly got my coat and boots on to go shovel off the deck. I am kicking myself that I hadn't already done that! When I got outside, Barney had moved out to the drive way. There was for sure something wrong with his one paw as he was limping. I am hoping it is just an ice crystal stuck in his paw or something equally as simple. But the sad part is that he began throwing up. Twice. Not that it was anything in particular, just a bit of bile. By the time I shoveled off the deck, put the food out, Barney was gone. I then got Banjo's old carrier, put a blanket on the inside, wrapped blankets around it and put it as a little shelter, hoping Barney would come back. I watched for him all day. He never came back and the food bowl is still full this morning. It makes me very, very, sad.

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Anonymous said...

You are one of the biggest pet lovers I know, that's for sure! It's a very endearing quality! Wanna come out and get some ice off our llama's eye? I'm just too chicken, but he looks so uncomfortable! Sharla


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