Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ready For Christmas

Gifts are wrapped
Baking is done
OK now...don't let the picture fool you. I only did two presents that fancy. The rest are in Christmas bags or wrapped in the last bit of that 'ugly paper'. {You know the paper I mean...the 'butt ugly' stuff that you don't even remember buying but you don't want to buy new stuff until the old stuff is used up - so you use extra paper wrapping the gifts - that way you can buy some new, prettier stuff after Christmas when it is on sale!} And neither is my baking ever displayed so nicely. In my family, whatever big ol' plastic container they're in is plunked into the middle of the table after supper and everyone digs in. We are barbarians when it comes to our desserts!

1 comment:

Donna said...

i love your honesty and nice to be able to show off our perfections as well - love it all! nice photo!


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