Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Misleading Image

I walked into the kitchen this morning to make my mug of tea and went "AAAKKK!" Not out loud...just in my head...the boys are still sleeping after all! But the snow stuck on my West window made it look like we were in a total blizzard! I walked into my living room with the South window to see what was happening outside. While it is indeed snowing and blowing, it's not a blizzard by any means...yet...it could change by the time I leave for work! So as I stood waiting for my water to boil I looked at the snow on the window, at the green Gerber daisy (Fake...but it looks quite cute doesn't it?? 94 cents at Wal-mart!) and the dragonfly and thought "I wish!". Don't you find after Christmas that January, February and even sometimes March can be such a drag! I guess unless you like winter sports...which I do NOT! Of course...I don't like summer sports either!!! :-) I just don't like winter period. I hate the cold. I hate the snow. I hate how dangerous it makes for driving. I hate the fact that the stray kitties are somewhere outside shivering and hungry. I know it's good moisture for farming...but so is nice warm rain! ...hmmm...I am very whiny this morning it appears...


Donna said...

OH i love the kitchen window picture effect with the green gerber daisy so awesome you should frame it!!
sometimes when we are grumpy the most interesting blog posts are created!
just 3 1/2 months until spring!!

Donna said...

oh i just thought i would mention that i read "Change of Heart" Jodi Picoult and really thought it was a good read because i just did not know how it would end...very interesting

Brandi said...

I agree Winter is for the birds...well the birds may not agree. I could easily move South for the Winter. I don not like one thing about winter besides Christmas and isn't there fake snow we could buy for Christmas morning???
Hope you have a good day Catherine


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