Sunday, December 21, 2008

Love of Animals

~~~ let me clear the air before I start talking about what I was going to talk about for these pictures. Yes...there it is...a picture of my beloved Schultenheimer with tinsel garland around his neck and his tail. (I guess I thought he would look cute 'decorated' for Christmas...what can I say...I was young!) I am ashamed and embarrassed but there it is. After all my 'preaching' the other day, I too used to be ignorant to the dangers and horrors of having that stuff near pets and children. (I won't even show you the picture I came across of Kurtis when he was itsy bitsy sitting in front of a tinsel laden tree! AAKK!) Anyways, my apologies. Forgive me for I did not know any better but have since seen the errors of my ways!
So point being was that I have always loved animals. Cats, birds, dogs, rabbits, as mentioned before, pretty much anything. The very first cat I can remember way back when we lived on the farm, was a calico cat named "Kitty". (Hmmm...not very original name!) The very first dog I can remember was "Rusty". I remember two hawks (Charlie & Henry) who would come when my dad whistled for them. After Rusty, we had a German Shepard named "Dart" who knew how to play "hide and seek" with us kids. And along with a rabbit named "Dusty", there were numerous other animals on the farm that their names don't stick out in my mind: a horse, another dog, cats, guinea pigs, gerbils, a raccoon, baby fox, and I am sure the list goes on. Then when we moved to Edmonton, I only remember two pets: a black cat named "Bartholomew" and a black poodle named "Sammy". Both succumbing to the dangers of letting your pets run loose on the streets. In Rosetown I remember a German Sheppard pup named "Kojak" but I can't remember what happened to him. (Update: My mom has since phoned me and told me that as we were moving and couldn't keep him, he was given to a very good, loving family with children. He was meant to be an outside, farm dog, but after awhile, as well loved pets often do, he was granted permission to live inside the house and was known to "lay on the couch" with the rest of the family. He lived a long and happy life!) The one and only cat I had at that time was my beloved Schultenheimer above. Again, loosing him to the unknown as he was allowed out of the house without a leash. Which of course, is why Banjo has been on a leash since day one! And has never known the difference. He will often wait at the door and won't walk out until he hears the 'click' of his harness snapping onto the leash. It's whatever they get used to - don't you think?

And as I have always attested to; I enjoy the birds. I had two budgies through the years. "Harry and George". I loved those birds. They were allowed to fly about the house. They didn't really make any mess outside their cages. (Perhaps my mother remembers that differently!) One would sit on the top of my dad's book he was reading and lift his little feet (do birds have feet?) when my dad had to turn the page. Cute! I cried and cried when the one accidentally flew out of the house. The top right picture is a bird that hit the window one day. I picked him up and put him in a shoe box and brought him into the house until he was well enough to let go back into the wild. So that's my "pet memories". As for the UGLY picture of the Pheasants in the background that I remember us having displayed in our livingroom for years and years....I leave that to my mother to explain...!


katrina lauren said...

me too...animal lover through and through! when my grandparents moved into town from the farm a few years back grandma had to downsize her pet list a bit...i kindly said i would take not 1...but three birds...two lovebirds and a cockatiel {much to brendan's dismay} did you know that cockatiels can live to be 35 years old? hmmmm. so i can relate to trying to save strays. i too brought one little unfortunate birdie into the house after he hit the front window...i appropriately called him "crash"
{the pheasant photo comment made me laugh...i can't wait to hear your mom's explanation....}

Brandi said...

Animal lovers have a special heart. I have always had pets growing up but now I am petless:( Pets are great companions and really they are more loyal than most people.
Loved your stories...isn't is great to have lived on a farm?

Anonymous said...

Katrina - I really can't remember where the ugly picture came from but I am sure Catherine would have helped me pick it out as she is definately an amimal lover.

Catherine's Mom

Catherine said...

That is SUCH a lie!!! We had that picture FOREVER!!! I had/have MUCH better taste then that!!!

Anonymous said...

We had budgies too as kids, and I have often thought about getting a bird for the kids, but I always get the notworthy nod from the big guy. Anyway great blog.

katrina lauren said...

Catherine's Mom,
Just as I looked to me like a true animal lover's animal lover like Catherine! Oh don't be shy about it Catherine...pheasants are lovely birds...


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