Monday, December 1, 2008

Just Dessert

I accomplished my "To Do" list this weekend, including make a dessert for my Team Potluck Party for tomorrow in NB. I hope the weather holds out as I have to travel alone. I'm lucky that I wasn't going to bake anything for dessert as my stove blew up Saturday night! Hint: Never mention in front of your old appliances that you are thinking of buying new ones. Now we aren't thinking about it - we have no choice as our fridge started to go on the fritz a couple of weeks ago as well! I guess Wayne and I know what we are getting for Christmas!


Donna said...

ha! enjoy your xmas presents! fridge and stove are pretty much mandatory aren't they? Your desert looks so yummy and fun to eat! have a good trip to NB Catherine.

katrina lauren said...

love the are too funny!
safe travels to NB!


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