Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Good Christmas

The year was 1989
I guess tinsel was big that year (OMG...t-a-c-k-y!)
Wayne and I were only 24 years old
It was and has been the only year Wayne and I
were able to be with both our families at the same time
at Christmas - No Choosing!
It was our first Christmas in Swift Current
The two of us, along with my mom and dad
Drove to Manitoba that year (my parents originated from there)
We opened presents at Wayne's house in the morning with his family
We drove a few blocks down the street to my
Grandma and Grandpa's house (my dad's parents)
And opened presents with my family
We all had lunch out at my Aunt and Uncles
(The year of the great "potatoes and gravy" story huh mom? LOL!!)
Then we had supper with Wayne's family
It was great
We didn't have Kurtis yet
{he was but a twinkle in his father's eye still}
But it was a good one!


Donna said...

nice photo! you don't look a day older!
"no choosing" that is a memorable year my folks next year your folks...
enjoy your previous years posts - brings back memories!

katrina lauren said... were just babies!
such a cute photo!

Brandi said...

looking good Catherine ;) your tinsle tree made me giggle.


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