Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Full of P & V

Ever since Banjo has lost weight, he seems to have a lot more
(excuse the expression) "Piss & Vinegar" in him!
I set a couple of wine bottles onto my kitchen table,
walked out of the kitchen for two minutes,
came back in and this is what I found!
Bum leg indeed!
I would suggest that we can take his bench
out of our bedroom because if he can jump onto the table
he can certainly jump up onto our bed!!!!


Donna said...

losing some weight on our cat made a big difference in her getting up on the sofa. I took her to the vet and asked if she had arthritis because she couldn't hop up - the vet looked at me and said "she needs to lose 2 or 3 lbs".....oh i said I just fed her whenever she meowed!
Your Banjo is quite entertaining!

Brandi said...

your cat has the prettiest eyes...I wish I had that color HA! Lucky Banjo!!

katrina lauren said...

oh silly boy! i love it...he acts like there is nothing to see here...just hanging out on the table! ha!


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