Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Evolution of Banjo

I took Banjo to the vet yesterday to be weighed. I hadn't weighed him for almost 6 weeks. He had been holding steady at 23 1/2 lbs. As of yesterday, I am very proud to say, he is down to 21 3/4 lbs!!! Yeah Banjo!!! The top left hand picture was when he was probably at his biggest (or perhaps it's just a very unflattering pose he was sitting in) at 30 lbs. The middle picture is when he was at 25 lbs and then the top right is his new weight. I want to keep him there for a bit as it was a little fast those 1 3/4 lbs. He is only supposed to lose 1 lb a month the vet said. The bottom left hand picture is from when he was only about 15 lbs. Not quite a year old. At one year he was 18 lbs. He has always been a big cat. It's hard to remember him being that color. At the bottom right hand side is his little dishes that I put less then 1/8 c of food in each night. That way, if his "lunch" dish is empty when the next person comes home, we know someone has fed him already. No fear of over feeding him. So he is eating less then 1/2 cup a day of high protein food. I had him on "Purina One - Healthy Weight Formula" (High Protein). He was doing really well. Now you can't find it anywhere! I was leery of switching his food but I now have him on "President's Choice Weight Control Formula" (High Protein). Added into that food is a small amount of "Presidents Choice Finicky Cat PH Control Low Magnesium" mixed in, which I have had him on for years as he used to be prone to urinary infections. And that is Banjo's "HURRAH" for this morning!
I think after Christmas, I will get my boys to put my food in those small little dishes as well! :-)

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Donna said...

thanks for the story of your cat and his weight loss.. Banjo looks awesome and yes he is a big cat anyway so it is important to keep his weight controlled. I too have reverted to little tiny cans of food for Snowball as she is on a low protein diet because of her enlarged kidney and her weight keeps dropping each year.
I agree that I should have little tiny dishes set out for me too!


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