Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning Santa

Our Santa had to be woken up this year. Oh how things change. It seems only a short few years ago that he was waking us up Christmas mornings, already having discovered what Santa had left under the tree. For at least the last 8 years it has been Kurtis playing Santa Christmas mornings, passing out the presents to everyone. We always take our time Christmas morning. Each person (and cat) takes a turn opening a gift while everyone watches, admires and comments, while sipping on a hot french vanilla coffee, or something of the sort. It took us over an hour to open our presents. I know there will come a Christmas where we won't be able to continue this Christmas tradition. Kurtis will one day have his own family to start his own traditions. But until then, we were lucky to get one more year of all of us together. Wayne and I decided, that when that 1st year comes, he and I will go on a warm holiday vacation to Hawaii or something!

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