Saturday, December 6, 2008

11 Days of Joy

I started holidays at 3:45 pm yesterday and am off until the 17th! I have many things that I want to accomplish these next few days including start Kurtis' next scrapbook. I completed over a year ago years 0 to 5. I now want to do years 6 to 10. You would think a person who likes crafting so much would like scrapbooking....I do NOT! I need my crafts done in an hour or two. Not days and days and days..... I've got years 11 and up in a photo album (the good kind). It's not like I even put a lot of effort into them - sometimes I just slap them in with a few stickers. But over $100 later (way over $100) and many many hours, the first one got completed. I hope Kurtis will appreciate it when he is older.
My "To Do" list for the week is:
{doesn't it make you accomplish your list when you put it in writing for the whole world to see?}
~ Bake Christmas treats to give away...well OK...they won't ALL be given away!
~ Start Kurtis' scrapbook #2
~ Send out my Christmas cards
~ Update photos on my digital picture frame to take back to work after holidays
~ Finish up my Christmas shopping
~ Wrap Christmas presents (and birthday - see below)
~ Clean my house before Wayne's mom comes (Thur. 11th)
~ Bake/buy Kurtis a birthday cake - MY BABY TURNS 18 NEXT old am I?


katrina lauren said...

enjoy your holidays as you prepare for christmas....and for the big birthday! scrapbooking is super time intensive...but Kurtis will love it...even if he is like boys i know and doesn't say too much! What sweet pictures of him when he was just a little guy...

Donna said...

I think that is wonderful to scrapbook Kurtis's childhood years - I have scrapbooked once and it took me 5 hours but I had prepared everything on the bedroom floor first a few weeks earlier and then went at it with the stickers and stuff. I am so glad I did it is such a treasure! Love Kurtis's hair...(sooooo cute)


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