Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekend To Do List

My BFF, our EVP of HR and myself went for brunch yesterday morning and we got talking about making a 'Bucket List' and "Why do people wait to do things.", etc. You know the kind of conversation I am talking about I am sure. Which has nothing to do with the picture above, it's just I had this nice picture of some Christmas Balls that I have in a glass bowl sitting on my living room floor and I wanted to share them! :-) I got to thinking I would indeed like to make a bucket list, which I will share once I have it figured out. In the list somewhere will be that I would love to live in a place like "Strawberry Lane" (see blog list at right)! I know from my blog it seems that I favour cats a bit (a bit?), but I really do love all animals. NOTE: I do not consider reptiles or arachnids in that category - though - if one needed help I wouldn't be opposed to finding someone else to help it!
But for now, I will start with my "To Do" list for today:
~ Get off computer by 6:30 am!!
~ Clean my house
~ Be out by 8 am to buy groceries before the crowds start
~ Finish a Christmas project I am working on
~ Bake treats & make a salad for my North HR Christmas party (Tuesday - road trip to the North!)
~ Finish a PowerPoint Presentation for my HR meeting on Tuesday
~ Watch our first must watch Christmas movie: The Grinch with Jim Carrey
Hope I get it all done!

1 comment:

Donna said...

to-do lists have a purpose that is for sure but a "bucket list" would be the most important list to complete.
(christmas ball picture is beautiful!)


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