Friday, November 14, 2008

A Very Special Friday

First of all, it is not the dump of snow we have this morning that makes this Friday special!
Though it does add to the "Christmasy" feel starting to hang in the air.
It is a special Friday because my BFF turns 50 today!
I wasn't going to say her age but be damned - it's time women started embracing our ages and being proud! (Which is sooooo much easier for me to say because I am MUCH younger then her!!!) Ha ha!
But it really is about being 'young at heart' - no?
And you my dear Brigitte are the picture of youth!
From the love you have with your family,
To the true 'care taker' you are in your heart,
To the enthusiasm you bring with you in making the best out of a bad situation!
I was over at her house last night. Her decorations are all up. These pictures do not do her house justice - but it should give you an idea of the care she puts into her Christmas decorations.
I gave her the little bear in the corner for her birthday. We think she looks like she is ready to go to the Church Christmas Concert! Cute!
So here is to you my dear dear Brigitte! I hope you have a most glorious day. In your heart and your mind I know you are still 29 years old! Love you lots! (PS: Hope my German translation isn't so bad that I said something stupid like "My Underwear Has Holes" or something equally dumb. It's supposed to say "Good Health To You My Friend"...Does it? Let me know! Big Kiss! ;-()

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katrina lauren said...

Amazing Christmas deocrations!!!
Nice brithday post for your dear friend!!


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