Monday, November 17, 2008

Stray Cat Watch - Day 8

I actually had my camera in hand, taking pictures of my Christmas tree when out of the corner of my eye I caught these two little guys at the stray cat food bowl. The little orange one is not the original orange cat I started feeding. These wee ones are probably about 2 months old! The little black one doesn't have any white on him at all I don't think. Pure black - cute! The tiny orange guy was determined to get every last crumb out of that bowl. Spying a crumb on the deck, he was standing in the empty bowl and tipped the bowl trying to get at it. Banjo and I enjoyed watching them!
I hope it is not a cold winter for them!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Catherine, no one in town is going to have to buy cat food with your generosity!!! Sharla

katrina lauren said...

i love that you take care of these little guys...and i bet they love it too! ;o)


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