Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stray Cat Watch - Day 3

There has been a stray, orange, tabby cat playing out in our back yard for the last few days. He is probably about six to eight months old. (Fact: Did you know that almost all orange cats are males and all calico cats are females? It's a fact!) He is very skinny! Of course, my perception of what a 'normal' size cat looks like has been distorted over the years! :-) Anyways, MUCH to Wayne's dismay, I have been feeding him the last few nights. Poor skinny kitty! I set some food out on the steps and by the morning, it is gone. This is food I was going to give to the SPCA anyways. (Remember when Banjo was sick and I bought all that high fat food?) Wayne thinks I am going to end up feeding every stray in town. I don't mind! How could this fresh food, along with the ambiance of my lighted back yard not attract some hungry kitties?? Banjo sits at the garden windows drooling at the food out on the step! Look how lucky you are Banjo - that kitty has no one to look after and love him! YOU are a VERY LUCKY kitty Banjo!!! Hopefully I can catch him at the dish to take a picture one of these nights! I will keep feeding him and watching!


Donna said...

Banjo is a VERY LUCKY cat and the ambiance in your backyard attracts me to it - so why not a starving cat? hope the stray cat does well on your food!

katrina lauren said...

awe...too sweet! we had a little kitty under our deck in the summer...and of course our pup sniffed him out and went bananas. this orange kitty stayed put under the deck though(probably too scared to come out)and after Brendan went inside with Luka I snuck food out and put it under the deck...bowl was empty in the morning (which satisfied me greatly) however that kitty was too smart to come back to our yard again where the grumpy schnauzer lives!


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