Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stray Cat Watch - Day 21

It was a very good day for Stray Cat Watch!!!
First up, mid-afternoon, was Barney!
He enjoyed some food and many slurps of water.
He stayed for quite awhile.
He is very used to me and Banjo staring at him out the window!
He's not as thin as he used to be...I wonder why?
Later around supper time came all 3 kittens!
Obviously I still don't know how to take pictures
through windows when it is dark outside.
Dean, Jerry and the black kitten who I hadn't named yet.
Since I can't guess what the black kitty is; male or female,
I shall name him/her Sammy.
I was going to throw out some freezer burnt potatoes
but decided to cook them for the kitties.
Sammy was the only one brave enough to try my cooking!
The others sniffed at them and turned away.
Pretty picky for being stray kitties!! :-)
So it was a good day seeing all 3 kittens (the triplets)
and Barney, the older brother.
I haven't seen calico kitty (the mom) for awhile now.
Hopefully she will show up again one of these days!

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