Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stray Cat Watch - Day 14

It was a good day for the "Stray Cat Watch"! First to show up in the early afternoon was the original orange kitty I had started feeding in the first place. Going with the "most orange cats are male" theory, I am going to call him Barney. He is not too scared. I could sit right at the garden windows and take pictures of him. Banjo could sit and look at him too without him running away. He ate some food and drank some water and then sauntered off.

Later in the afternoon came the two wee orange kittens. I am going to call the darker orange one Jerry and the lighter, creamy colored one Dean. (Dean is from "Stray Cat Watch - Day 13") Dean is braver then Jerry. Jerry ran away when Banjo and I got close to the window, but Dean stayed until every last crumb was gone!
Keep warm tonight kitties!


Brandi said...

I enjoy your Blog immensley and hope to get a fresh blog posted soon!!!
Have a good night

BCowell said...

Catherine - Your blog is absolutely awesome. Your mom introduced me to it. I don't know how you have the time to do what you do on your blog, but thanks. It is always inspiring and amusing. Keep up the good work!

Catherine said...

Thanks Barb! Thanks Brandi! I'm glad you enjoy it because I enjoy doing it! It gives me something to do when I wake up so early in the morning! :-)

katrina lauren said...

i love your stray kitty segment....too cute! lucky little guys to have found their way to your warm heart...and bottomless food bowl!


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