Thursday, November 27, 2008

Repeat Performance

I know this looks like the same pictures I posted the other day - but they're not. Look closely. I am starting to see a pattern. For 3 nights in a row now. At about 8:45 pm Banjo walks up to the dangley mouse, takes it off, drops it on the floor and then walks over to the Christmas tree to see what else he can do to make me get up and feed him! His portioned night feeding is usually at 9:30 pm, but he is always looking to get fed a bit earlier! What a cat!


Anonymous said...

Hello from sunny Mexico! What a sneaky kitty...I think he msu know his mama is a bit of pushover for him. Sharla

Catherine said...

Mexico! It is snowing today - you are so lucky to be there! Have fun! Catherine to Sharla


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