Sunday, November 2, 2008

I've Been "Punched"

"kirkville" punched me! Which seems mean but in blogland, it's a nice thing! So here it goes:

5 things I was doing 10 years ago: (I can hardly remember what I was doing last week but here it goes!)

  • As Kurtis was only 7, I am sure I was experiencing all that guilt mothers have in working and leaving your child at the sitters. But I was lucky, I worked part-time until he was almost 6 years old.
  • I would have been busy renovating/decorating our house that we bought in August of 1998. And we are still doing both 10 years later! A never ending task. (Wow...15 mores years of mortgage payments...!!!)
  • I remember I was very busy taking my HR courses 10 years ago! All that studying! Groan!!!
  • A girlfriend from work and I were walking every morning, Mon to Fri, from 5:30 am until 6:30 am. We did that for over a year and only missed a few days. Then she moved away and we both stopped.
  • I didn't know it then, but every time my mom and dad came to visit us for the weekend or we went to their house, I was experiencing my last bit of precious time with my dad before he passed away.
5 things on my to do list for today:

  • Catch up on my magazine subscription (Style at Home) as I am 5 issues behind!
  • Buy some groceries.
  • Do some crafting.
  • Have a snooze.
  • Watch a movie.
5 snacks I love: (Only five?)

  • Chocolate
  • Popcorn
  • Chicken Wings
  • Salsa & Chips
  • Strawberries & Vanilla Yogurt
5 things I would do if I was a millionaire:

  • Very first - Wayne and I would quit our jobs
  • Buy a business for Kurtis to manage - EB Games
  • Give my BFF money so she could quit her job
  • Give our house to someone who really needs it and build ourselves a new one
  • Take our whole family to Disney World
5 places I have lived: (Besides Swift Current:)

  • Neepawa, Manitoba
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Rosetown, Saskatchewan
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Brandon, Manitoba
5 jobs I have had:

  • Waitress - 4 years during high school at the Rosetown Gulf Coffee Shop - I still miss their fries and gravy! Mmmmm....
  • Chamber Maid - lasted 1 week before I decided to get myself to school!
  • I started in the credit union system in April of 1984 (Prairie Centre, Westoba, Beautiful Plains, Western/Southwest/Innovation) and have been everything from: teller, EDP coordinator, loans steno, file clerk, accounting clerk, administration clerk, trainer, recruiter
5 people I punch:

  • All my blog friends that I know have been punched so I punch all the people I love that are reading my blog!
5 favorite pictures of myself: (When you are always the photographer it is hard to find any pictures of yourself let alone your favorites!)

Hmmmm...I'm thinking it was OBVIOUS I was going to have chubbiness with me my whole life! :-)

I think my brother was looking at me wondering how he could get back at me for being so
(Had the "back combing" thing happening hey mom?)

Me and my dad.

It's only a "Wal-mart" picture but I still like it. Wayne's still got a bit of dark hair!

I'm not sure what I was thinking wearing that dress. It's not really my style or color...(wink wink)



Donna said...

wow - love those fav pictures of you. You have a pretty good memory I would think. I learned a few things about you. I thought this was quite fun too!

Donna said...

I think that last photo is not you and Wayne

(hee i am not just another pretty face you know!)


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