Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How Long...

How long do you hold onto things?
When is the time to throw something away?
Are you throwing out a memory?
Or is it just ‘stuff’ taking up space?
How do you tell the difference between the two?

This is a Christmas craft from when Kurtis was in playschool. A little mouse, sleeping in its bed, made out of a hazelnut and walnut shell, bits of felt, wool and cloth. I suspect, knowing my son, that the teacher made more of this mouse then he did. But he did bring it home, holding it in his tiny hand, displaying it so proudly. We used to put it out at Christmas time for a number of years, hanging it somewhere in the house. But it hasn’t made it out of the Christmas ‘odds & ends’ box for quite some time now, at least 8 years. How long should I hold onto it? I ask myself that every year. I think about it for a few moments, holding the wee mouse by his tail, precariously over the kitchen garbage. But I turn around and I put it back into the ‘odds & ends’ box. Perhaps I will keep it at least one more year....


Anonymous said...

Much too cute to throw have to keep it.-Laurette

Donna said...

i would keep it forever - just reading your explanation of it says it all Catherine (I think it is a precious memory)

Anonymous said...

Forever I say! It is small enough and special enough that you should never let go of this!! Sharla

BumbleVee said...

Keep it!!

I love these little mice !
I make several each year at Christmas time...and people even want to know how to make them .... absolutely keep them. I have several on our tree every year.... well, at least until neighbours or friends request them...and then I give them away, but always must make more next year... cuz I always want them on the tree.


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