Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Bears 2008

I've been awake since 2 am! It's a long story but it involves pinched nerves in my neck and right wrist. I thought it was the flu as I've had a headache for over a week and weakness through my neck and arm. But after a quick trip to the Dr on Wed. and Physio yesterday, I am hopefully on the mend. Too much typing, writing, and slouching. I sit at the computer this morning. But I am sitting properly and am doing my neck exercises while sitting here as well! I am very sore today. So...what should a gal do when she is up so early? It's too early to get into the bathtub and read, so I took some pictures!
These are all my Christmas Bears that I have sitting around my tree. They are there, along with the 'fake' Christmas Boxes, to help keep Banjo from under the tree! I have also sprinkled the spice "ginger" on the boxes and the bears as well in hopes that it keeps my cat away. Except for the one small Christmas Ball out in the middle of the living room Wednesday morning (!!!), it seems to be working well! They range from 2 ft to 4 in tall. My favorite one is the bear in the bottom, right hand corner. "Nick Nac" is his name. Kurtis got him for Christmas when he was little. He is a very cuddly bear. Enjoy It Upstairs Bears - in a short 35 days you will be back down to the craft room!


Donna said...

i like the bear in the bottom right hand corner the best. He looks so real!

katrina lauren said...

Oh i love your mom has a collection of christmas bears from over the years as well...some that we made together when i was little! Oh i think i'm getting in the spirit for the season!!

Catherine said...

Finally - we have Katrina into the spirit for the Season! My work here is done huh Sharla?.... ;-)


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