Friday, November 7, 2008

Accomplishments of Yesterday

I was very ambitious yesterday! I didn't even have the TV on until I went to bed at 10 pm last night! What I accomplished:
~ Made banana choc chip muffins {it's only from a mix but I add real bananas, choc chips, flax and bran....but don't tell the boys about the flax and the bran!!}
~ Cleaned my oven {no...I don't have a self-cleaning oven...but how the heck does an oven get so dirty when all you cook is chicken fingers...!?!}
~ Cleaned my kitchen including washing the kitchen windows!
~ Coffeed with a friend who is retired and I haven't seen in a long time
~ Went shopping - needed to find little bottles to make a Christmas craft and I finally found some - in Peavy Mart if you can imagine!
~ Made 10 little bottles of Hot Cocoa Mix {milk chocolate, white chocolate, marshmallows}
~ Went out for supper - just me and my guy {and when I say "my guy" I mean Wayne!}
~ Went shopping for a couch - we've been looking for one for ages and as you pet lovers know - we must decorate around the cat fur and back cat claws {no front claws} - so no leather, don't like faux suede, and that doesn't leave much in the couch selection for the last few years
~ Looked at self-cleaning ovens....{I know all we need it for is to cook chicken fingers Wayne but I still want a nice one you know!}
~ And then of course what's a new stove without a new fridge {but we were laughing that we can buy a pair cheaper then what we bought our current set for almost 14 years ago at cost from when Wayne was in the furniture business!}
And that was the end of my day. I am hoping today I am as ambitious!

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katrina lauren said...

i so love your hot cocoa mix sweet! i love the little bottles too...perfection!

also you should know...

{i'm jealous of you being on holidays}


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