Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Day Is It?

Left for Saskatoon on Monday (Thanksgiving day) as I had a seminar there on Tuesday. Had to be at the seminar by 7:30 am and it went until 6:15 pm. By the time we got out of the city and got home last night it was after 10 pm. (MUCH past my bed time!) Had to drive out to a NE branch today, got into my office late this afternoon, just got home a few minutes ago from work. 3 more sleeps until I have to fly to Vancouver. Won't be home until next Wednesday. I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday. Where did the week go? Where did the month go? I just want to sleep.


Donna said...

you are a busy traveller with your job - it is tiring I am sure... get a good sleep.

katrina lauren said...

that's me all the time...I just want to sleep...I LOVE IT! definitely a napper...yup! Have fun in Vancouver...I so love the west coast and I'm jealous!!!


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