Tuesday, October 7, 2008

News Worth Reading

It is not very often that I listen to or read the news - be it local or national. Never have. It's just too depressing for someone who can obsess about something that hasn't even occurred and constantly lives in the thoughts of "what if"...what if there was a school shooter here in SC...what if we had to evacuate and leave our home...what if the plane I'm on goes down...(hmmm...shouldn't start thinking about that one as I have to fly in 12 more days)...etc.
The only time I ever really got caught up on the news was during "9-11". I became addicted to CNN for about 4 days. I turned it on first thing in the morning and would still be watching it at 11 pm at night - and if you know me, you know that is WAY past my bedtime. I was one of those people that the day after, went and bought about $500 worth of non-perishable items including bottles of water, because "what if" terrorists attack Southern Saskatchewan....honestly Sykes...think about it...what in the heck are they going to hit? A cow standing in a field? NOT that the cows life is not important - 'cause it is!
And so after I got over that one, I went back to living in my 'happy bubble' and stopped paying attention to the news. I still hear about the 'big stuff'. There is enough talk at the office and out in the public to get my dose of what's happening in the world. Some people may think that is being naive or ignorant to the outside world. I see it as preserving my sanity for someone who can cry for hours for a mother she doesn't even know when she hears about a child being kidnapped/abused/"fill in heart wrenching word here". And then I sit and worry going through the "what if" that was my son, "what if" that was me.
I'm just the kind of person that needs to stay in my "happy bubble" in order to not obsess about the "what if's". It's the OCD and Co-dependency in me. But as I always say, "If you can admit you have a problem, it's no longer a problem". Well that's my theory.
With that said, I had found a site a long time ago that I pop into every once in awhile that I thought I would share with you. Happy News! They only print the happy stories, the good stuff!
And another one I found today. Global Cat! Stories of cat rescues and adoptions, new items in the "hiding the kitty litter" furniture, and unique outside "cat runs" for your house cat. A news site just for cats? How enjoyable is that? Now that is truly news worth reading!


Donna said...

love your blog - i found it through Katrina's blog favorites - this is so exciting. on this post your honesty about yourself is inspirational - good for you, we can all learn from each other.

Brandi said...

Catherine I really enjoyed your blog today. I am a worry wart too and love to ignore the problems in the world, hoping they will go away. Also I loved the music your blog played today very relaxing
Hope your having a good day


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