Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Morning Routine

Though I have a few more pictures to share of Vancouver, I felt I have neglected my most favorite subject! My Banjo! My morning routine when I first get up (4:30 am today), is to go into the computer room and turn the computer on. Next, I go into the kitchen and make myself a big mug of tea. I then go back to the computer room to spend a few quiet hours blogging, goofing around in Photoshop, e-mailing, or catching up on my celebrity gossip via the Internet. (OK, so I have one vice...!) Curled up behind me on his pillow is my wee little Banjo! If I stray from the computer room - he follows me. ie: to the bathroom - no privacy with little kids and pets around! Then back on his pillow he goes when I return. Sweet little Banjo!


Brandi said...

Oh Banjo, what a great cat. You don't happen to have room in your home for another cat do you?? LOL!

I enjoyed all of you Van city pictures, makes me want to go for a visit! Oh and you and Brigitte have the best motto going :) Nothing better than a BFF

58 days till Christmas, now I feel stress

katrina lauren said...

oh sweet banjo all curled up....too cute!

katrina lauren said...

I stopped in at Strawberry Lane....what a great blog find this is! one that does indeed require kleenex!
thanks for suggesting it!
have a good night


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