Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Joyful News

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It is with great joy that I announce the fact that I put up my first Christmas decoration last night! 3 more sleeps and all the Halloween decorations in the stores will be put into the 'sale' pile or stored away for another year. Out will come the beautiful, joyous, shiny, twinkly, inspiring Christmas decorations. Although there is a scattering of some here and there (Canadian Tire has lots out actually...), you just can't have too many decoration options. I am looking for a new accent color to go with my continuing theme of silver, white and clear. For the last few years it has been blue. I am looking to change it to green or red. I have not found the perfect accent balls yet. My quest shall continue!
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Anonymous said...

I am SO with you !!! I have had my countdown to Christmas sign up at work for probably a month already! And I am almost done my shopping! I absolutely adore Christmas and the whole feeling of warmth that surrounds it!!!! Sharla


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