Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

What is on schedule for today and tomorrow:
  • Wearing pajamas to work for a 'costume' (Finance & HR - it's really just an excuse not to get dressed today!)
  • Pot luck snack bar in our office (made an Oreo square last night)
  • Skip lunch - will be eating snacks all day
  • Coming home, getting changed, skipping supper because...
  • Attending a 50th Birthday Party this evening ('s a surprise!)
  • Son with license driving parents to party (no drinking & driving please)
  • Will eat, drink and make merry for a few hours
  • Get home (not too late) because...
  • Going to Medicine Hat tomorrow with my boys
  • Shopping for the ultimate accent color for my Christmas tree
  • Eating lunch at Wendy's
  • Shopping at Costco
  • Going to Micheal's (craft euphoria!!!)
  • Home by supper time so that...
  • Son can go out on a date (sigh...)
  • Me and my hubby laying on the couch, watching a movie
  • Good stuff!


1 comment:

katrina lauren said...

sounds like a most excellent weekend....oh to go to michael's....yet another place i heart! happy halloween to you....sadly no treats in the lending support area of the to that!
have fun shopping tomorrow...think of me as you pass through the martha section of greatness!!!


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