Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fly Day

Oh how I wish I was going down to my crafting room today to spend a delightful, cozy, rainy day (according to today's forecast), crafting and watching movies rather then getting ready to head into Regina to jump on that plane heading West. I know I will have fun once I get there. How could you not, going with your BFF to a city you have heard so much about. And at the conference I am attending I am looking forward to meeting a lot of HR professionals I have worked with over the years over phone and e-mail. That will be good. And it's not the flying I am afraid's the crashing! And I know if it is "your time to go" it is "your time to go", but what if it isn't my time to go? What if it is the guy who is sitting next to me who is scheduled to go? (Remember me? I am the "what if" girl!) Sigh....I would have a drink before I go but I think a sober emotional wreck is better then a drunk I will keep my mind on all the great pictures I will be able to take and share with everyone when I return next week. Catch you Wednesday!

1 comment:

Brandi said...

Your are going to love Van City, lucky girl!!!

I can't stop thinking of your craft room!! LOL

Can't wait to see pictures of your trip


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