Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cool Website

I'm back! I was on the road again! This time to the North. In conversation I learned of a cool website. "Copy Kat" It has recipes of famous food items from restaurants. ie: KFC, Tony Roma's, Olive Garden, etc. Very cool! Too bad I hate cooking! :-)

But for those of you who don't - look up some of your favorite restaurant foods and give them a try. The person that told me about it swears that the "Outback Steakhouse; Bloomin Onion" recipe tastes exactly the same as in the restaurant. I may have to breakdown and try the KFC Chicken recipe for my boys!


1 comment:

katrina lauren said...

this kat hates cookin' too...but i might give it a whirl now that i'm all married up (i'll have to be careful not to make it a habit though, or he may start to expect it!)


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